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Lionel James (1868-1948)

This page catalogues material relating to my maternal grandfather, Lionel James, and his wife, Ethel de Pearsall Clabburn, and their family. Several of the items relate to their children, or to other people associated with them, where it is more appropriate to include them here (e.g. photographs with multiple people). The catalogue is now reasonably complete so far as items I hold myself are concerned.

The original items are held by various family members, having been passed down through the generations (not necessarily directly). Some come from the large collection of papers found in 2010 at Challonsleigh, the house near Tavistock formerly owned by Lionel's nephew Eric Trevenen James, and were given to me by Eric's stepson, Geoffrey Fox (of Fox's Safaris in Tanzania), who still owns the house. A few items from publicly-available sources are also included. 

John Barnard
Updated 11 April 2022

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LJ-1 Letter to his brother, 8 Aug 1912, announcing his engagement to Ethel Clabburn Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard. Annotated transcript prepared by John Barnard.
LJ-2 Letter from his sister Edith to their brother dated 8 Aug 1912. 8pp. with annoated transcription. Edith expresses her concerns about the financial commitments to Ethel's family resulting from his proposed marriage; arrangements for the wedding; death of cousin (by marriage) William Bennett (husband of Belinda Rosher). Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-3 Letter from his sister Edith to their brother dated 9 Sep 1912. 6pp. with annotated transcription. Describes Leo and Ethel's wedding day. Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-4 Letter from Ethel James to James's brother HR James dated 26 Sep 1912 Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-5 Letter to his brother dated 15 Aug 1913 Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-6 Letter to his brother dated 21 Aug 1913 Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-7 Letter to his brother dated 29 Aug 1913, with attached photos Original manuscript retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
LJ-8 L. James, "School prayers in war-time", Religion in Education, 8 (2) 51-56 (April 1941) DOI: 10.1080/4108556445
LJ-9 Jubilate Deo. A Sequence of Daily Prayers for Schools.  Selected and arranged by Lionel James. Oxford University Press, 2nd edition 1932 Author's own copy of 2nd edition, with extensive annotations, signed and dated May 1932, held by John Barnard.  Copy of 1st edition inscribed "Robert C. T. James from Mother, Easter 1927" held by Pip Buth.
LJ-10 Lares and Penates. Notebook compiled by Lionel James containing lists of household goods (furniture, pictures, books etc.) and notes on
their proposed distribution to his children. Inscribed in a binding proof for a pocket edition of his sister's book on Bologna (which has blank pages).
Original document held by Rosie Plummer.
LJ-11 Obituary from Westminster Magazine Original cutting held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-12 Obituary from The Radleian, 20 Jun 1948 Original cutting held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-13 Article about James's retirement from Monmouth School (unidentified, but probably from local newspaper) Original cutting held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-14 Newspaper announcements of wedding, one identified as Morning Post,  12 Sep 1912 Original cuttings held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-15 Letter from Ethel James to her sister-in-law Edith Emily Coulson James (Edie), dated 24 May 1913 (14pp handwriting).

The letter was written on return to the School House in Monmouth from a holiday in the Scilly Isles, about 8 months after her wedding to Lionel. It covers various items of news, including an account of her own scare with a lump in her breast, her brother-in-law Henry Rosher James's (unspecified) problems in India, and his journey to Simla, and a possible visit from his children (Harold, Mollie and Eric).

A covering letter to RCT James from Gulielma (Gelma) James (widow of Eric Trevenen James), dated 9 Jan 1991 notes that the 1913 letter was found while rummaging in a drawer.
Original document held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-16 Portrait of James aged early 20s Original print held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-17 L. James, A forgotten Genius: Sewell of St Columba's and Radley. London, Faber and Faber, 1945.   Copy presented to his wife Ethel "with love and gratitude" by the author, and held by John Barnard
LJ-18 Winner's medals for Oxford University Association Football Club Intercollegiate Challenge Cup ("Cuppers"), awarded to Lionel James, who was a member of the victorious Christ Church college teams in 1890 and 1891 [The History of OUAFC 1872-1998 by Colin Weir, Yore Publications, 1998] Original medals in original boxes given to John Barnard by Pip Buth (who inherited them from Bob James), March 2019
LJ-19 Article from Monmouth School Website concerning visit of Jill Trew to Monmouth School, 15 Nov 2010, with notes on her grandfather Cyril Pearson and great-uncle Lionel James http://www.oldmonmothians
LJ-20 Letters from RCTJ (2000) to Westminster School re Lionel memorabilia deposited at the school. Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-21 Letter from RCTJ (1997) to Swan Hellenic Cruises re Lionel's photos of Greece, 1900-1910 deposited with them Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-22 Birth certificates Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-23 Graduation certificates Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-24 Day-by-day account of walking tour in the Midlands, 22 May - 4 Jun 1884 (original postcards to his mother and transcripts by RCTJ) Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-25 Memoir of Lionel James from The Monmouthian, Jan 1962, page 41 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-26 Leaflet with "Hints on Latin Prose" by LJ, apparently published after his retirement Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-27 Leaflet with "Hints on Running" by LJ, apparently published after his retirement Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-28 Testimonials for LJ's applications for the Headmastership of Monmouth School in 1906 and (?) of Westminster School in 1919 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-29 Letters from his brother Henry Rosher James ("Bobbie"), Apr 1930 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-30 Letters to his wife from Albania, Ithica and Greece, 1930 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-31 Times Literary Supplement review of Sewell biography (28 Jul 1945) Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-32 Marriage certificate, 1912 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-33 Several letters (undated - poss Nov 1912) from his wife, at 3 Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-34 Letter to his wife (apparently visiting daughter) dated 19 Nov 1947 Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-35 Letters of condolence to his widow (including one from Alec Bethune Morgan) Held by Rosie Plummer
LJ-36 Photograph of Ethel at Burnthwaite, on their honeymoon Original print held by John Barnard
LJ-37 Photograph of Ethel at Burnthwaite, on their honeymoon Original print held by John Barnard
LJ-38 Newspaper cuttings and photographs concerning "Hitler Youth" camp in field at Moyses, Five Ashes, July 1935, with annotations by John Barnard
  1. Cutting from Kent and Sussex Courier 4 Jul 1935, page 9
  2. Cutting from unidentified newspaper, July 1935
  3. Photo of German boys with (?) members of the James family behind
  4. Photo of German boys with musical instruments
  5. Report on Westminster School scout troop visit to Germany, August 1935 (The Elizabethan, Oct 1935, Vol. 21, No. 11, p. 197)
  6. Letter from J.W.P. Bourke in The Elizabethan, Mar 1934, Vol. 21, No. 2, p. 29
Original cuttings and photographs held by John Barnard
LJ/39 Photograph album probably compiled by Lionel and/or Ethel James, containing a wide and rather random selection of photographs, without captions. Some photos appear to be from Monmouth School (including one of Lionel with his uncle Augustus Frederick James), others possibly from Lionel's childhood, at least one showing Ethel's sisters Dorothy and Viva, and others showing Lionel and Ethel's children. Held by John Barnard
LJ/40 Informal photo of Oxford University sports team, with Lionel James (?) in front row with pipe. Printed by Hulls and Saunders, Oxford. Possibly the victorious Christ Church "Cuppers" AFC team from the early 1890s. Held by John Barnard
LJ/41 Photographs of Lionel James:
  1. Studio portrait dated 1886 (age 18)
  2. Snapshot standing with tennis racquet, possibly 1920s (other man unidentified)
  3. Standing with hat and stick outside unidentified house, probably 1930s (inscription on back in Ethel's hand listing phone numbers of children from late 1950s)
  4. Negative of portrait photo, sitting with hands folded
Held by John Barnard
LJ/42 Material related to Lionel's undergraduate friend Bruce M. Goldie
  1. Mounted photograph of Goldie sitting in deck chair (identified in hand of Pascha Barnard) [probably late 1920s/1930s]
  2. Photograph mounted on reverse of above showing Ethel James, Hilary James and Edith Coulson James at Moyses [early 1930s]. Identified in hand of Pascha Barnard
  3. Photo of Goldie with Ethel, inscribed in Lionel's hand "Moyses 1928" and identified in unknown hand "Ethel and B.M.G".
  4. Postcard of Christ Church quad, Oxon, written by R.C.T. James to his mother, reporting on visit to Goldie in his declining years [probably 1950s]
Held by John Barnard
LJ/43 Two photo albums showing views of Monmouth School. Mainly exterior and interior views, but some group photos, some of classes (including one of Lionel teaching a group of boys) and some sports matches. Held by John Barnard
LJ/44 H.A. Ward, Monmouth School 1614-1964. An Outline History, Haberashers Company (1964) Copy held by John Barnard
LJ/45 Monmouth School Prospectus etc., 1975 Held by John Barnard
LJ/46 Photographs at School House, Monmouth, mainly of Ethel, from 1910s. Some also showing Edith Coulson James. Also postcard of bridge and school Held by John Barnard
LJ/47 Photos of views near Penzance in envelope dated January 1912 (by Lionel James). Includes views of standing stones at Men-an-Tol and of Madron church Held by John Barnard
LJ/48 Postcard of St Paul's Church, Brighton (when Lionel and Ethel were married in Sep 1912) Held by John Barnard
LJ/49 Photos of Ethel on holiday in the Scilly Isles, Easter 1913 Held by John Barnard
LJ/50 Photos of Hilary James and Arthur Gladdish Trevenen James as babies. Two photos also show "Nannie" Beard Held by John Barnard
LJ/51 Photos of Lionel and Ethel's children at the School House in Monmouth in the 1920s Held by John Barnard
LJ/52 Photo of Alice Mary ("Nannie") Beard (nanny to all the James children both at Monmouth and after Lionel and Ethel's retirement, at Moyses) and her husband "Beardie". [As a widow Nannie lived with her blind sister Edith at Coed Ithel, Ringles Cross, Uckfield, Sussex. She died age 79 on 21 Feb 1966 in Brighton; probate Lewes 2 May 1966] Held by John Barnard
LJ/53 Photos of the James family at Moyses, mainly 1930s Held by John Barnard
LJ/54 Photos of Sennen Cove and lands End, Cornwall, 1936 (mainly views from a family holiday, some including family members) Held by John Barnard
LJ/55 Photos of Lionel and Ethel James's children as young adults (including original negative of James boys in Westminster "toppers") Held by John Barnard
LJ/56 Photo of "Tevabyn", Lionel and Ethel's home at Paignton during the war Held by John Barnard
LJ/57 Photos mainly of "The Barn" at Esher, Surrey, Lionel and Ethel's home after the war - exterior and interior views, with various family members Held by John Barnard
LJ/58 Photos of Ethel James at "Two Bridges", Walton-on-Thames, 1950s, with various family members, including visit of Marcus Clabburn from Australia Held by John Barnard
LJ/59 Photos of Ethel James visit to Paris with daughter Margaret Harrisson to see her son Trev James, May 1955 Held by John Barnard
LJ/60 Photos of Lionel and Ethel James's children at family gatherings in the 1970s, including ones taken at Harley Street, London (Trev's home in London) and Willoughby (Margaret's home in Weybridge) Held by John Barnard
LJ/61 Formal school photos from Mayfield School, attended by Lionel and Ethel's daughters, Pascha and Margaret in the 1930s Held by John Barnard
LJ/62 Westminster School photos, probably from Grant's House in the 1930s, and presumably showing Hilary, Trevenen and Robert James in some of them Held by John Barnard
LJ/63 Album of Westminster School photos, some showing Hilary, Trevenen and Robert James (in some cases marked with X) Held by John Barnard
LJ/64 Three photographs, unidentified, but probably showing Lionel James's children (? at least one at Moyses), 1930s Held by John Barnard
LJ/65 Set of photos and postcards associated with Buxted and Mayfield in Sussex, including photographs of nuns from Mayfield school (where Lionel's daughters were educated) Held by John Barnard
LJ/66 Set of photos and postcards, mainly of churches, found in Lionel James's papers. Some identified in his hand, including St Enoder and Sennen in Cornwall, and Kilpeck in Herefordshire. Held by John Barnard
LJ/67 Photograph of Lionel James and Ethel Clabburn's wedding, 9 Sep 1912, Brighton. The image shows (L to R) Rosey Clabburn (bride's mother), Ethel James (bride), Lionel James (groom), Edith E. Coulson James (groom's sister) and Dorothy Clabburn (bride's sister) A4 print taken from scan held by John Barnard (original print mislaid 2021)
LJ/68 1921 Census Return for Monmouth School House. Completed in his handwriting, it shows Lionel James (headmaster, 51), his wife Ethel (42), their 5 children (aged between 2 and 6), the school matron (Edith Saunders, 42) and her daughter (Maisie Saunders, 14), “Nannie” (Alice Mary Smith, 34), a governess (Dorothy Hill, 30), a visitor (Margaret Edwards, 15), a guest (Thomas Bridson, 43), 8 domestic servants (aged between 16 and 32) and 30 schoolboy boarders (aged between 12 and 17). From Lionel’s numbering of the original entries there may be a missing page image with 15 additional persons (probably more boarders). 6 images from The National Archives, downloaded from March 2022